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Hey, I'm Amanda...

In the 13 years that I have worked as a stylist I have had a diverse and varied career including some time spent teaching as well as managing salons.  I have invested countless hours to continuing education and have participated in a plethora of public and private events.  For the past 7 years I have owned and operated a private salon and in that time I have successfully built a brand for my studio through my tireless efforts to always offer my best for my clients.  I continuously work collaboratively with the top wedding vendors in the region to produce stylized and artistic bridal photography, and this creative outlet has allowed me to stay on the leading of edge of modern trends as well as created a forum for me to push my boundaries as a stylist.   


I have come to see that wedding and formal styling is where my passion lies, and I feel privileged to be trusted by the brides that I work with on what is one of the most important days of their lives.  I enjoy being able to quickly establish a rapport and build trust with my clients so that I can truly understand their needs and I feel that my attention to detail and creativity allow me to always exceed my client’s expectations.  My diverse hair styling background has aligned me with the balanced skill set required to be a successful wedding stylist.



As a wedding professional I have worked with brides and their families from all walks of life, all uniquely beautiful, and all with creative and exciting visions for their wedding days.  I have styled brides wearing large, jewelled traditional gowns and brides wearing colourful sundresses.  I have styled weddings in cathedrals and on rainy beaches and everything in between.  I derive an immense amount of satisfaction from the work that I do and I feel this is evident in the professionalism, creativity, and quality that I offer to every bride.

x, Amanda 

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